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Metabombed: Destiny 2 Is ‘A Lie In A $60 Box’

As both a professional hater of the corporate machine and a videogame critic, one must walk a fine line between providing information on distasteful business practices and measuring said practices against the positive accomplishments of any given piece of work.

User reviews are subject to no such concerns, which is why METABOMBING a game for any reason in particular happens so often.

Destiny 2 is, for my money, a damn great game. A great game undoubtedly held back to somedegree by Activision’s monetization tactics. I might have to take the time to weigh the good against the ill, but Metacritic’s community reviewers have let their feelings known with both barrels.

As you’d expect.

Remaining a popular game, Destiny 2‘s average score hasn’t been thoroughly tanked like less fortunate games we’ve featured. Troops were nonetheless assembled, enough troops to keep Destiny 2 hovering around a mediocre score range. After a week, it’s climbed from around a five to an average user score of 6.0 for the PS4 version.

The Xbox One version enjoys a less favorable 5.1, because who cares about the Xbox version?

While Destiny 2 has been withstanding its Metabombing with impressive resilience, it owes much to a mobilization of defenders who have flooded the game with 10/10 scores in counterprotest. Truly, this is a battle that shall be sung of by minstrels for years to come.

The common complaint among negative reviews is, of course, the issue of shaders (outfit/weapon recolors) being altered to fit into a fee-to-pay model, now intrinsically linked to Destiny 2‘s new microtransactions. Other criticisms cite an unoriginal premise and a lack of significant upgrades from the first game. In addition, many users complain of terrible experiences using a PS4 Pro.

Agree or disagree, we’ve collected the most striking, outrageous, and entertaining user reviews for your perusal, because that’s what we do.

We kick off with PoseidonTeam, who must really hate the Half-Life series.

Destiny 1.5 mega DLC priced as new game. Delivered a nice campaign but your speechless guardian ruins the entire story and makes you look retarded. The reuse of guns, enemies, sounds, etc is so ridiculously obvious. Fan boys and new fans will love it, everybody else who has played the first one and is a bit critical will hate it. (0/10)

mcInturf’s criticism begins the console-specific critique. For the record, I’ve not encountered any problems playing on a Pro myself, but that doesn’t mean they’re not real.

I can’t in fairness give this game anything higher at this point because it absolutely unplayable on PS4 Pro. It’s the reason I signed up for an account here. I hope others follow. (0/10)

They’re not the only one, either. Here’s Ryuzaki911 with a little bit more information on Destiny 2‘s Pro woes.

Crashes every 1-2mins, can’t even get past the intro mission, how could I give it a score of anything other than complete turd! Worst game of the decade. (0/10)

Then there’s the pointedly named F-U-Bungie, damning the PS4 Pro experience even further.

Literally unplayable on PS4 PRO due to crashes and errors. Do not buy this game you will need to return your system to Playstation for maintenance. What a letdown (0/10)

You’re going to think the score for this one is a typo on my part, but it’s not. After all that’s written, GamerFantatic really did give it a big ol’ zero.

Absolutely loved this game. Pros: Well executed story (much better than the original Destiny) Beautiful Cinematics Fluid Multiplayer for both Competive and Casual JAWDROPPING SOUNDTRACK The dynamic scenery and enviroment of each planet The characters were likeable, especially Cayde-6 I’m impresse with the brand new vanguard strikes as well Earning Loot Cons: Shader System Microtransactions for cosmetics. Bungie did a great job. (0/10)

TiredOfTheBS is tired of the BS.

$60 game with lootboxes. Exploits the sick. takes away content. game will shut down in a couple years leaving you with a $60+ lump of plastic trash is trash will most likely succeed anyway because noone cares about ruining things for themselves (0/10)

Sometimes you can say all you need in a sentence. Sometimes you should consider more sentences. Let’s see what Postaratum thinks!

i will give it a zero played too much destiny 1 last time i played desiny was October 2016 this is a sequel not new game the end game is super repetitive raids strikes nightfall raids trials iron banner its very boring dont not buy this game (0/10)

DestInylord1134 brings their lordly might to bear on Bungie’s latest.

Another trash game promised to be great on the hype train. Same failure as the first, with only 2 years of development you can’t expect the story Bungie promised. Cheesy and bland. Do not buy. (0/10)

See if you can answer NovaKIngway’s challenge. It’s a fun game you can play at home. More fun than Destiny 2, perhaps.

Can you name 1 thing that they couldn’t put in an expansion or DLC and not an entire new game? Didn’t think so. It’s an obvious sequel just because. Don’t waste your money. (0/10)

This review is written by someone called dfhdfthdfg.

Bad game with full of bugs. Finished campaign in under 8 hours and then im offered to pay $30 for more content. Endgame is only about grinding campaign missions. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (0/10)

While it might not be as badly Metabombed as other games, the reviews are a goldmine. Next we have gamerchamp101.

this game is a lie in a 60$ box. It is not what we have been waiting for it is not “better longer with more to do” the story is complete childish **** (0/10)

Aaaaand here’s jackancoke using the notorious “J” word that pops up in almost every review bombing.

Game is a joke way to short DO NOT BUY AT THIS TIME!!!!!!!! It is not even close to what was promised the game would be at launch. Get ready for all the DLC to milk your wallet dry. (0/10)

We’d be remiss not to include some of the 10/10 exaggerations, often entertaining in their own right. Let’s check out Medlalover.

Haters gonna hate. This is an incredible FPS title. Groundbreaking in how they have executed such a big world with attention and care. Everything missing from Destiny 1 is in here. Beautiful title. If you like FPS get this game! (10/10)

You know, kraenk may be right about some of the reviewers they’re lambasting but it does come off like the burglar criticizing the robber.

Those user ratings here are a sign of how pathetic gamers have become these days. Bungie has delivered a sequel which improves in every aspect on the original game. It’s clear that the majority of those giving bad ratings here didn’t even play the game or, if they did, gave it the time it deserves. The game is a 9 in my book but I’ll rate it a 10 to counter those pathetic low lifes giving zeros on here. (10/10)

Here comes firstmode to bravely lead the charge against Metacritic by… using it.

This site is garbage. Either a 10 or a 0 review from the majority. A 10 (best thing ever made on earth) or a 0 (no merits, not even the music is good, the graphics are not pretty, the art is not nice, the animations are not good). Total complete garbage that a game with music as beautiful as this could score a 0 from anyone because the truth is, it is not a 0, even to those giving it a 0. This game has glorious and beautiful textures and graphics. Even if the game was horrible, the graphics, art, and music alone would have to give it anything above a ZERO. Garbage site. I AM GIVING THIS GAME A 10 IN PROTEST TO THE ZEROS. Want to know another reason I am giving the game a 10? This is personally, the best game I have ever played in my entire life. It is all consuming to my soul in a way no other game has ever been. I have been playing game since the Atari 7200. I have played all the amazing classics when they were NEW and FRESH, not on some emulator years later, but when the music and graphics of those classics were cutting edge and amazing. This is the best game I have ever played in my life. I am so happy this game exists. It makes my life better. GO BUY DESTINY 2, BUY IT FOR YOUR FRIENDS WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT AND PLAY IT WITH THEM TOO. START A CLAN, PLAY PLAY PLAY. BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE. Buy the soundtrack, AMAZING!!! (10/10)

Right, that’s enough of that. Time for Destiny1GOTY to bring the anger.

I loved destiny 1 but then the glorious sequel EVERYONE WANTED came out and it’s a bag of dooky. They took out soccer so now im supa dupa mad i want soccer i want dedicated servers, bungie has gone downhill (0/10)

lbjmvp23 has used a term I’ve not seen before. That’s rare.

Nothing but lies and BS from Bungo. It is not what we have been waiting for it is not “better longer with more to do” the story is complete childish crap in a bob (0/10)

Sometimes you get the sneeeeaking suspicion that some reviewers are using multiple accounts. How you doin’, NeoReaper?

Anyone who scores this game higher than a 3 has sever brain damage. This game is a lie in a 60$ box. It is not what we have been waiting for it is not “better longer with more to do” the story is complete childish ****. Only retarded fanboys like this boring ass grindy awful game. Every mission you just go some places, scan some objects with ghost, kill same old hordes of enemies, kill a resized boss. (0/10)

So many of them need to shout when they get to the obligatory part about “saving your money.” I suppose angrymax can be excused, since they’re angry to the max.

This game feels like empty shell. It is very boring, the classes has no meaning, leveling up has no meaning since you almost always has to choose only one perk. Reached level 15 only cuz my friend insisted, but it is one of the most regrettable purchase. All the enemies are the same, you seen one you seen them all. The worst part that sometimes you can’t even play since the servers are over capacity. SAVE YOUR MONEY, NOT WORTH IT! (1/10)

I have to agree with dunnyone… the emotes are worth a point.

Is this a joke? Am I in crazy land? It’s the same DAMN GAME as Destiny 1. Yes fans will say – sure of course what did you expect we just want more – but there is zero innovation. Dark Souls series is 3 (or 4 if you count demon’s souls which you should) brilliant games that all look better over time and introduce so many new tweaks and updates to the core gameplay that it feels like a newish game each time. Destiny 2 feels like Destiny 1, looks like it, plays like it, Nothing new, nothing interesting. I’m halfway through the campaign and I’m just pushing forward. It’s so easy, such a joke of a game. Please, no more Destiny. $60 gone forever :((((((( 1 point for cool new dance emotes. (1/10)

No no no, fuck off XxMasterPlaysxX. I normally try to remain smugly aloof in these articles, but I cannot brook a person claiming, on any level, that Knack 2 is better than most things.

knack 2 has better graphics, better story and characters and Ice knack as special guest, terrible game Destiny 2. And this must be like 150 characters long, so lets go for that. So, i hope u see the reality, Knack 2 is way better, and if u dont belive me buy and OG xbox and play Halo 1, u will see what im talking about. (2/10)

Alright, after reading that one I need a hot shower to scrub off the fucking dirt. See you next time a big game annoys message boards!

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