• Jim Sterling

Talent Is An Asset (The Jimquisition)

On this constructively critical Jimquisition, we explain how using pre-bought videogame assets isn’t inherently wrong, and how they’ve been put to good use.

We also have a CASH CONTEST going on to reward anybody who can prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that talent is an asset.

(That’s the name of an old Sparks song!)

CONTEST RULES/GUIDELINES (Contest has already ended):

1. Create an original character using the “Horrid Spider” Unity Store asset as the foundation. 2. Send it to jim at thejimquisition dot com with the subject line “Horrid Spider Contest” and IMPRESS ME! 3. Include the name you’d like to be credited by and permission to show IF you’d like it shown. 4. Include your Paypal in case you win.

Contest ends January 15th. Winner will be announced January 22nd.

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